Website Development Promotion for NNGOs in South Sudan

Dynamic Consult Ltd is running a website development promotion specially designed for NNGOs that might not be having an online presence or would like to redesign their website. The idea is to help them develop world-class websites so they can showcase their services, activities, projects and possibly the ability to receive online donations (Through a donate button).

Dynamic Consult Ltd is a promotor of digital solution uptake, below we have outlined all the necessary details and its benefits. Even if you are located in the towns outside Juba or locked at home, we can be able to work remotely, we have done it before and they ended up going smoothly.

Proven Benefits of a website.

  1. The cheapest way your client’s and potential donors can reach you.
  2. Wider Demographic Reach
  3. It builds your organisation credibility.
  4. 24/7 online availability.
  5. Showcase and represent South Sudan to the global internet space.
  6. Have a competitive advantage over your competition.

What does the package include?

  1. Website development
  2. Domain registration
  3. A donate button that can lead to a PayPal account that people can make donations to your account.
  4. Email and hosting for 1 year
  5. Google search engine integration

What do I need to get a website?

  1. Your organizational profile
  2. Pictures showcasing your activities
  3. A domain name suggestion or we can provide you with a suggestion.
  4. $450
  5. And a focal point we can be communicating with and giving us feedback.

Some of the websites we have recently done.

  1. http://amalna-ss.org/
  2. http://orgsouthsudan.org/
  3. http://activecitizensouthsudan.org/
  4. http://www.islamicreliefsouthsudan.org/
  5. http://kolmareklaw.com/

They can get in touch through the following contact details

+211927 474 272 | info@dynamicconsult.co.ke