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The number (1) one website developers in South Sudan

There are millions of customers looking for businesses like yours on the internet every minute. 

If you are not online, they just can’t find you. Let us help you tap into this audience of wealthy consumers trying to find the best businesses in their market. Even if you have an existing site, that does not meet your needs, we can fix your problem.

We will assist you to build a professional, engaging website that looks good on all kinds of computers, tablets (e.g. iPads), and phones does not have to expensive or time consuming. You don’t have to be a computer genius, that’s what we do. We take all the work out of the process by building you a world-class site in no time at all, at a price that’s accessible to businesses of all sizes

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The following are steps we take seriously in making sure you get your website.

Preliminary Design

At the beginning of the work, DYNAMIC CONSULT will provide GURTONG with a (3) preliminary design concepts for the new website. That design concept will include the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc.

Integration of Content Management System

Once the design is approved, then DYNAMIC CONSULT will incorporate the Content Management System into the design


DYNAMIC CONSULT will then run a 6-hour training session with your organization on the use of the Content Management System.  This will be done on site. Training is an essential handover process.

Device responsiveness

The model we use to make sure all the websites we develop is completely responsive to all the devices that it is being viewed through, the website will be responsive to mobile phones, computers and tablets giving the user the best and vibrant experience.

Domain & Email

If an organization does not already have an existing domain we will make sure to provide the organization with one. You can either have the South Sudan Domain Extension (,,,,,,, or the generic domain extensions (, .africa,

After project services

DYNAMIC CONSULT will look to make sure that your website will be fully functional and anything that arises one months after launch changes can be rectified immediately.

Data Security

When working with website like this, security forms the basis of its functionality. The website will be hosted on CPANEL, CPANEL is secured web hosting and email services. This will guarantee the security of the data collected on the site.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure contract will be signed between DYNAMIC CONSULT and your organization for the purpose of security of information shared.


When DYNAMIC CONSULT has finished incorporating all the content your organization wish to have at launching, they will ask DYNAMIC CONSULT to move the website from the development sub-directory to the main root level of the domain, thereby making the site go live.

Content required to design your website.

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