Other Services

QuickBooks Supply, Setup, Training and Support

Dynamic Consult has been contracted by several organisation as listed below, the assignment involved the supply QuickBooks License, conducting of training, installation and orientation on the software so it can be used by the organisation to manage their finances and submission of reports. The assignments also involved providing technical support and maintenance afterwards so as to ensure that the system is actually being used for its intended purpose.

The following are some of the organisation we have worked with.

  1. PFAID Project at the Ministry of Finance
  2. National Bureau of Statistics
  3. Norwegian Peoples Aid (CONCERN)
  4. SPEDP
  6. CEPO
  8. Quantum Oilfield Services Ltd
  10. SSUWC
  11. Save The Children
  12. Hold the child
  13. SSUHA

QuickBooks Supply, Setup, Training and Support

Dynamic Consult limited was contracted by CONCERN on behalf of the NGO forum to supply, setup and conduct training to the members of the NGO forum of South Sudan. This training brought various organizations for the sole purpose of building their capacity in financial management system. The total number of participants trained were close to 100 and 80 organizations were support in this exercise and this has been a big achievement as its impact has been positive. Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff: the whole assignment was conducted by Dynamic Consult staff. From the point of conducting an assessment to understand the capacity of the various organisations. Preparations of materials, installation and setting up of the financial systems, conducting of training and providing them with a report.