Information Management Systems

Information Management

To run an organization, an institution needs to store its financial information accurately. In accounting, information systems play that role. It involves financial reporting of normal business transactions to expenditure and financial planning.

Financial records need to be stored accurately for the benefit of the firm as well as its shareholders. AT Dynamic Consult Limited we transition organizations into using a financial system to manage their financial records. This enhances accountability and accuracy in the department and the organization as a whole. Our team will take you through the steps of transitioning from a paper-based system into a computerized one and nurture you into using it until your team is ready to take it on by themselves. The following are some of the systems we use.

    • QuickBooks Accounting
    • Sage Accounting
    • QuickBooks Point of Sale

If the business that you are running is product based, chances are that you will eventually have to switch to a basic point of sale inventory system. With a point of sale system, one has to not worry about how much inventory you have on hand.

The system keeps that for you and you have the information at a glance. A point of sale inventory management system allows a business owner to have more than one business location and adequately keep track of inventory at each without being present.

Point of sale systems make marking down prices and recording the markdowns easy. Instead of going through a mountain of receipts at the end of the day, the point of sale system calculates the markdowns automatically as sales occur.

The human resources department within any organization is considered to be highly critical for the entire organization. Its many functions serve as a supportive background for the company by providing everything from skilled and talented labor to management training services, employee enrichment opportunities and more.

Since labor is the single largest expense for most organizations, human resources help companies derive the greatest value from this important asset Human Resource.

Information systems is the best way to manage such a department. In our company we supply and equip organizations on using such systems.

The following are the systems that we deploy and use

    • QuickBooks Payroll
    • Sage Payroll

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning is a framework that carries all the suite of software applications needed to automate a given enterprise’s business processes.

Whether it is a core business process or a support process such as for internal automation, an ERP framework integrates modules within an organization as disparate as an HR system with Stock Management, Finance and Audit, Record and Document Management, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Website and Intranet services. Modern ERP frameworks can easily cater for existing business needs as well as easily be modified to scale to future demands.