Certificate in Computerized Accounting

Course overview

The certificate in computerize accounting is a course designed for accounting professionals who are looking to build their professional skills in using various accounting packages. This course will reintroduce you to principles of accounting and then dive into the various accounting packages of QuickBooks, Tally and Sage. The prerequisite for this course to have an accounting background, work experience in an administration or accounting space. Introduction to computer is a must for this course.

Expected outcomes of this course

By the end of this course the student should be able to do the following.

1. A reintroduction to the principles of accounting and its terminologies
2. Ability to create company files using QuickBooks, Sage, Tally
3. Ability to create and manage charts of accounts.
4. Ability to manage expenses
5. Ability to manage incomes
6. Ability to manage bank accounts and bank reconciliations
7. Ability to manage invoicing, quotations, and purchase orders.
8. Ability to do budgeting and forecasting.

Course outline

1. Introduction to principles of accounting and its terminologies.
2. Introduction and using of QuickBooks
3. Introduction and using of Sage
4. Introduction and using of Tally

Course Type

Course Length

Number of Hours

Course Times


3 Months


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 08:30am – 10:30am

Application Requirements

• Paid Non-refundable Application Fees of 2000 SSP
• Submitted Application Form
• 1 Passport size photo
• Classes will be done in English, ability to speak English will be required.
• Copy of National ID or Passport or other form of identification
• Diploma in Accounting /business administration is a must, or work experience recommendation in relevant field.
• Ability to work and use a computer is a must, introduction to computer is required.

To register, please fill in the application form here and drop it at our training center.
To register, please fill in the application form here and drop it at our training center.